About OGB Construction 

What We Do

Building Construction

We undertake construction work from an architectural point to its finishing. From masonry, carpentry,
electrical, tiling, painting, decoration, welding, glasswork, and landscape among others.

Foundation Work

As the foundation bed is principal in the building we undertake the structural system that supports and anchors the superstructure of your building and transmit its load direct to the earth. The foundation serves the function of providing a level surface for the construction of a sub-structure.

Site Management

Proper management of construction activities to preserve living and non-living elements of the
environment and landscape.

About OGB Construction

OGB Construction is an independent Ghanaian construction firm established by Oman Ghana Baako to resolve problems the Diaspora face in their construction projects in Ghana. Whatever your dream project and count on us to handle it to your satisfaction. Our services give you absolute peace of mind and a stress-free stay when you return home.

 Our Vision

To provide world-class quality construction to improve infrastructure in Ghana.

 Our Mission

To encourage our Ghanaian brothers and sisters abroad to develop an interest in investing in housing and other infrastructure at home.


We believe we have a duty as Ghanaians to help develop our motherland no matter one’s living status abroad. We also encourage our brothers and sisters born outside Ghana to trace their roots to help develop and bridge the economic gaps in the country.

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Construction


The Newest Technology Repairs


High Quality Construction Management

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Street Address: 437 Jefferson Street
City: Lansdale
State/Province: Pennsylvania
Country: United States of America (USA)